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Smooth Stones-Find Yourself after Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Babyloss

Jan 20, 2023

I used to put myself last for everything. Last to eat when the food was cold, last to sleep once everyone else was settled, last to get new clothes, last to do what I wanted to do.

It felt good in some ways to sacrifice. I got to tell myself I was a good mom and wife and human because I put my needs last.

But I started feeling really resentful, tired and unappreciated. None of that helped me be the person I wanted to be.

All of that changed when I let myself invest in myself. I hired a life coach, then I invested in becoming a life coach, then I started my own business.

I’m not going to say that everything is different. On the outside I still eat last a lot, I still stay up and make sure everyone is home safe and all the doors are locked but it all FEELS different. 

All because I invested in me. 

You can overcome the part of you that believes you need to sacrifice yourself for the good of everyone else.

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