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Smooth Stones-Find Yourself after Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Babyloss

Nov 17, 2022

Let's get to know each other better and have some fun! Today I'm sharing my favorite things and I hope you will think about your favorites and ask your friends and family about theirs. You can't not smile when you think about your favorite things.

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Nov 10, 2022

It’s the often shared second stage of grief. 

Those stages don’t apply to the death of a baby directly (they were created for people with a terminal diagnosis) but it’s still something I see my clients struggle with over and over so today we’re going to talk all about anger and I’ll give you my take on why we...

Nov 3, 2022

I used to think I was just a really nice person who wanted everyone around me to be happy. I did all kinds of mental gymnastics to keep the peace and if something went wrong…whoa!

You know I had knots in my stomach and couldn’t stop thinking about it for days…maybe weeks or like, forever. 

Until I realized that...